Finally, “easy as pie” is true, no matter your skills or available time! Just turn on the oven and let the anticipation and aroma build. You can honestly tell your friends “Yes, I baked this!”.
The Flaky Apple Pie Co. is the modern answer for a homemade pie.

  • Easy online ordering
  • Easy convenient pick up
  • Easy storage in your freezer at home

We understand crazy work schedules, crazy kid schedules and just a crazy life! We live it with you. Now you can have your family time and eat your pie too.

Our story started in 2002 when owner and founder, Brooke Cazier, left her interior design career to lend a much needed hand to her mom and family friend in their pie shop in Huntington Beach. Never having made a pie before, she found a new creative outlet in making pies by hand for others to enjoy.  After the original shop closed, and starting a family of her own, the desire to continue in the lost art of making pies still burned bright so she started making pies at home for family and friends.  Word quickly spread.  Brooke recognized people were craving the value of a quality homemade pie with it’s classic, timeless taste right out of their own oven …. but without the work. That was the moment the Flaky Apple Pie Co was really born.

We, here at The Flaky Apple, are thankful to you, our amazing customers, frequent pie-ers, our friends, for your continued love and support.  We truly wouldn't be here without you (I mean, we can only eat so much pie on our own!).  It’s our hope that we can bring you a classic taste in this modern time that will foster cherished memories and connections - because after all, pie is meant to be shared.  Thank you for letting us share our love of pie with you!  We hope you enjoy your pie as much as we did making it.




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